• 03/25/2014

    How to Evict a Tenant

    Landlords and property owners across the globe are constantly struggling with the eviction process of tenants who have not made sufficient payments. The root of this struggle stems from the lack of knowledge and the proper precautions that should be taken before the eviction takes place.  Depending on the state, there are state mandated regulations for evicting tenants that leasing companies and landlords’ are responsible for.  Here are some, just to name a few:
    How Soon Should You Send Notice?
    • In Arizona, Landlords must give a 5 day notice to begin the eviction process. The information detailed in the notice must include all the proper names that are on the lease and the tenants address must be 100% correct. If not, the notice may be taken to court and possibly voided.
    • Also, an important aspect of this is to make sure the tenant receives notice as soon as possible, after the rent has not been paid.
    How to Deliver the Notice?
    • The notice must be mailed via certified mail to the tenants address. This must be done to ensure the notice reaches its proper destination.
    What if the Tenant Doesn’t Cooperate?
    • If the 5 day notice is ignored by the tenant, the leasing company should contact an attorney who specializes in landlord law.
    What if the Tenant Pays Within Given Time Frame?
    • If the tenant comes up with 100% of the money owed, prior to being served for a court date, then landlords are required to accept the payment.
    What if the Tenant Doesn’t Have the Money to Pay?
    • If the tenant doesn’t have the money, then a landlord may enter into a payment agreement with the tenant or a real estate attorney that will determine a monetary judgment for a physical eviction.
    What if the Tenant Refuses to Leave the Property?
    • Once there is a legal order for the tenant to vacate the property and they refuse to leave, then landlords can file a written abruption and have a constable show up to the residence to change the locks. This entire process may take up to 30 days complete.
    The most important thing that property owners and landlords should keep in mind when asking the question, “How do I properly evict a tenant”, is being aware of the situation and to remember that they are not alone. If you’re going through this process and you find yourself struggling, keep your head up, stay strong, and use the information outlined above. We hope this information is useful and helps you handle eviction notices in a timely manner with no stress.

  • 12/31/2013

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